Construction of Substation

Substations, Switchyards & Collector Stations

Paresources has extensive experience in supplying materials for substations/switchyards (medium, high voltage and extra high voltage), transmission and distribution lines and outdoor industrial apparatus.  These projects have been for new construction or retrofits, from complete engineer, procure, construct projects to a single item of material.  We have years of experience supplying materials for all of these projects.


We specialize in grounding systems, subsurface and exposed raceways; steel structures; bussing systems; all power apparatus; power transformers, and associated controls; control buildings and associated facilities; protective relays and control systems and associated wiring, as well as lightning protection.


High Voltage Transmission and Distribution Lines

Paresources supplies the transmission line industry with steel and wood pole construction including conductor, hardware, and related power apparatus as well as OPGW and associated fiber optic work.

We also supply underground transmission material including raceway/ductbank systems; splicing, terminating, fiber optics and related controls.

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