Who do we partner with and why?

Paresources is different. We work with the seasoned suppliers as well as emerging industry leaders to supply the best quality products at the best possible prices. We supply materials for substations, transmission and distribution Lines, replacement parts and more. Below is a brief list highlighting some of our product offering.


  • Steel Structure, Platforms and Poles

  • Grounding Systems

  • Switches - 5kV to 500k

  • Circuit Breakers

  • Aluminum and Copper Bus - Tubular and Flat Bar

  • Wire & Cable - Copper and Aluminum, Bare and Insulated. 600 Volt and up

  • Bus Fittings, Insulators & Substation Hardware

  • Cable Terminations

  • Metering Equipment - P.T.s and C.T.s

  • Lightning Protection Systems

  • Substation Lighting

  • Transformers - Padmount, Pole Type, Power Transformers (Liquid & Dry)

  • Medium Voltage Switchgear - Metal-Clad and Metal-Enclosed

  • Padmount Switchgear - Air, Oil, SF6, Deadfrond, Livefront

  • Voltage Regulation and Control Equipment - Reclosers and Regulators

  • Capacitors - Automated and Fixed, Medium and Low Voltage, Open and Enclosed

  • Control & Substation Relay Panels

  • Control Buildings

  • Arresters

  • Molded Rubber Products - Elbows and Splices

Quality Products
Paresources, Inc. uses high quality products in our substation packages

Professional Engineers
Our engineers are qualified and not biased to any products.
We will find the right solution
for your unique needs

Paresources, Inc. has years of experience in a vast array of challenges. We would like to help with your project


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